The fixed duration of VENCLEXTA-based regimens offers a chance for a treatment-free period, which means patients can return to life without a daily reminder of their treatment and disease. A defined end to treatment encourages compliance and optimized clinical outcomes. 1,18,19 

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Instructions for taking VENCLEXTA



Instructions for taking VENCLEXTA 1

Advise patients to:

  • Take VENCLEXTA tablets exactly as they are prescribed and not to change or interrupt their dose unless they are told to do so by their doctor
  • Take VENCLEXTA orally once daily, at approximately the same time each day, according to their healthcare provider's instructions, and that the tablets should be swallowed whole with a meal and water without being chewed, crushed, or broken
  • Be adequately hydrated every day they take VENCLEXTA to reduce the risk of TLS. The recommended volume is 6-8 glasses (~56 ounces) of water every day starting 2 days before the first dose and throughout the ramp-up phase, especially the first day of each dose increase
  • Attend every scheduled appointment for blood work and other laboratory tests

Advise patients NOT to:

  • Crush, chew, or break their VENCLEXTA tablets
  • Remove their VENCLEXTA tablets from the original packaging during the first 4 weeks of treatment, and do not transfer them to a different container
  • Take an additional dose if vomiting occurs after taking VENCLEXTA. They should take the next dose at the usual time the following day
  • Consume grapefruit products, Seville oranges, or starfruit during treatment with VENCLEXTA

If a patient misses a dose:

  • Within 8 hours of the time it is usually taken, the patient should take the missed dose right away and take the next dose as usual
  • By more than 8 hours, the patient should not take the missed dose and should take the next dose at the usual time