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1. Dosing guidance
2. Therapy initiation
3. Additional resources

Working with your clinical team to adopt protocols and set expectations can help support initiation of VENCLEXTA. Use this guide to help prepare your practice and patients for treatment. 


1. Dosing guidance

Dosing schedule, drug interactions, dose modifications

Follow the links below to find information to help you understand and plan dosing for your patients and watch an oncologist talk about dosing for a patient with R/R CLL.

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After the dose ramp-up, Mark* will take 24 months of VENCLEXTA daily at 400 mg/day and 6 cycles of rituximab with 375 mg/m2 in Cycle 1 and 500 mg/m2 in Cycles 2-6.
-Dr. Edward Crane, TriHealth Cancer Institute, Cincinnati, OH

*Hypothetical patient.

Hear Dr. Crane discuss dosing for a relapsed/refractory patient case.


2. Therapy initiation

Risk assessment, prophylaxis, and monitoring measures for TLS

When you’re ready to start VENCLEXTA, here is information to help you assess, prep, and initiate your patients.

Tumor Burden Assessment tutorial

Use this interactive tutorial to understand how to assess tumor burden as well as the ramp-up and monitoring protocol to follow.

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My biggest piece of advice…is to educate your team, educate your patients, and simply be prepared.
-Christina Patterson, PA-C, Cancer Care Associates of York, York, PA

Hear Christina Patterson, PA-C, discuss the steps for VENCLEXTA initiation.


3. Additional resources

Resources for you and your patients

R/R=relapsed/refractory; CLL=chronic lymphocytic leukemia; 1L=first-line; TLS=tumor lysis syndrome.