VIALE-A study design

A randomized (2:1), double-blind, placebo-controlled, multicenter, phase 3 study that evaluated the efficacy and safety of VENCLEXTA (venetoclax tablets) in combination with azacitidine (VEN+AZA; N=286) vs placebo with azacitidine (PBO+AZA; N=145) in adults with newly diagnosed AML who were ≥75 years of age, or had comorbidities (see baseline characteristics) that precluded the use of intensive induction chemotherapy. 1 View full study design.

VEN+AZA demonstrated superior OS vs PBO+AZA 1

VEN=VENCLEXTA; AZA=azacitidine; PBO=placebo; mOS=median overall survival; HR=hazard ratio.