*Best response rates at any time throughout study. 6
  • Overall response rate (CR+CRi+nPR+PR) was assessed using the 2008 iwCLL NCI-WG guidelines 2

Pre-specified 9-month assessment 6,9

  • At the end of combination treatment visit, at approximately the 9-month time point (8 to 12 weeks after the final dose of rituximab), response rates as assessed by IRC were:
    • VEN+R: ORR 87% (n=169) [95% CI: 82-91], including CR/CRi 6% (n=12), nPR 1% (n=2), and PR 80% (n=155)
    • BR: ORR 63% (n=122) [95% CI: 55-69], including CR/CRi 3% (n=6), nPR 1% (n=1), and PR 59% (n=115)

VEN+R= VENCLEXTA + rituximab; BR=bendamustine + rituximab; CI=confidence interval; CR=complete remission; CRi=complete remission with incomplete bone marrow recovery; nPR=nodular partial remission; PR=partial remission; iwCLL=International Workshop for Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia; NCI-WG=National Cancer Institute–sponsored Working Group.